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5 Revolutionary Products Solving Chronic Pain Across The US – Clinicians Shocked At Results

Trust me. I get it. You want NEED relief. I was a chronic pain suffer too. Here’s how I became pain free for the last 7 years..

It’s been holding you back for years. Clinging on and not letting go. The pain can be dull at times, and other times it’s completely immobilizing. The only consistent thing is that its ALWAYS there.

Fed up! You’ve had enough. You may have sought help from a health specialist, but their advice doesn’t seem to provide ongoing relief. You may have asked “What’s the point in going to a health specialist if they can’t cure me?”

I’m sure you know that your pain brings you down emotionally, but you may not be aware of HOW MUCH it can affect your mood. And the frustration can come out in ways you wouldn’t expect. Often misguided.

You are not alone. 50 million other Americans reported they have “pain on most days or every day in the past 6 months”*.

For some reason there’s comfort in that…but not enough. You need to be freed from the shackles of your relentless pain. You need relief.

Relief is here. But it’s not what you think.

We had our experts conduct extensive research into what solutions are available to provide relief to chronic pain sufferers, and in the process we uncovered something incredible. These immensely effective treatments are not known to many. But the word is spreading, and joy is pouring back into the lives of chronic pain sufferers across America.

Here’s what we found…and most are extremely easy to apply:

1. Back Pain – After 7 Years Military Scientists Finally Break New Ground & Usher In The Future Of Back Pain Relief

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Do you share the same feeling that no matter how many Chiropractors you visited, no matter what you tried before, you never got rid of your back pain?

Instead you get prescribed pain killers to mask the problem, which can lead to life threatening medical issues. It makes sense that big pharma companies have tried to suppress non-medical treatments like this, despite clinical proof of their effectiveness.

But they couldn’t stop this discovery by the US Navy no matter how hard they tried..

This insole technology they created is now THE best technology available to improved blood flow and overall energy levels including effortless and fast pain relief.

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2.  Neck and Knee Pain – AccuPoint “blocks pain signals”

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It’s hard to feel young when you’re in constant pain. Whether it’s back pain, neck pain, knee pain, needing to take medication isn’t always the best solution for anyone.

AccuPoint technology is intended to block the pain signal that you feel and increase endorphins to help give you instant and lasting relief. This drug-free alternative allows for quick and easy therapy at home, at work, or on the go. The AccuPoint Pain Relief Pad can be used virtually anywhere at any time.

The science behind this device seems like technology from the future..its worth listening to this explanation:

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3. Muscle Relief – Every Day You Fail To Practice This Is Another Day Closer To Irreparable, Permanent Damage

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Clinical trials carried out by the Experimental Medicine Institute together with the University Hospital at the University of Latvia has proven the health benefits of this product including reduction in headaches and back pain.

The theory behind this miracle worker is no secret..in fact it has existed for thousands of years across many continents and has been proven time and time again…its called “Acupressure” (like Acupuncture but without the pins!).

And now the Lotus Mat brings Acupressure into the 21st century.

Your headache is often linked to the same causes as a sore back and neck…muscle tension. By releasing muscle tension along the back and neck using Lotus Mat you will find the relief you need without taking pills.

Plus there are a tonne of other benefits including better sleep and mood..

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4. Foot Pain – Why Orthotics Are Being Replaced For This

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Nobody expected this..

Health specialists attribute the cause of foot pain and swelling experienced by millions of Americans to a lack of oxygen reaching the extremities of the body.

And no matter how much or little it hurts, it sets a precedent for underlying health issues to come. If you experience foot pain, you should see a physician immediately.

Compression sock sleaves, like Doc Socks increase blood flow to your feet which ensure that they receive enough Oxygen which will alleviate the pain almost instantly.

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5. Joint Pain – Based on 47 scientific studies as well as a hidden secret from Southeast Asia.

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The CDC (Centers For Disease Control) reported that joint pain and arthritis is now “One Of The Top Chronic Conditions Leading To Death And Disability.”

Yes, the problem is THAT serious. Probably a LOT more serious than you thought.

It needs immediate action.

Even if you are just experiencing a little bit of pain, that small pain is ballooning into a big problem that will soon pop.

It will inevitably decrease the quality of your life and force you to live with unnecessary pain.

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I hope this article has helped you as much as this research helped me and many of my friends. Solving your chronic pain feels like a heavy weight has been lifted off your shoulders.

There’s no reason to delay…relief is right around the corner.

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