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4 Important Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Cutting-Edge Tattoo Removal


Yes tattoo regret is very real…

No matter what your plan was going into it, sometimes what once seemed like a great idea may become a massive regret years later. Kind of like marriage…or a relationship with Billy Bob Thornton in this case…

Spot the difference..

But there’s some good news, just like marriage, there is now a way out.

If you’ve got this far you’ve probably already heard of laser tattoo removal. The technology in this field has evolved so fast that complete removal is very real thing, and its cheap.

It is also extremely common for tatted person to get ‘partial removal’ or a ‘fade’ so that they can enhance with a different design.

Tip 1 : It’s only safe to get laser removal done at specific places.

This isn’t something you want to bargain shop for. Professional tattoo removal is more affordable than you’d think so don’t just walk into the spa down the street and hop on the table for treatment, or you run the risk of doing long-lasting damage to your skin.

You need to ensure your tattoo removalist is a registered nurse like the team at Clean Slate Tattoo Removal. Their technicians are all registered nurses and have gone through extensive training with the state of the art tattoo removal technology.

Tip 2: It doesn’t hurt as much as you might think

The good news is that nearly every provider uses some sort of anesthetic to make the process more comfortable for their patients. “Patients can expect mild or no discomfort, because typically anesthesia is used,” says Dr. Del Campo.

Tip 3: Some tattoos can be completely removed

Back in the day, tattoo “removal” just meant leaving behind a mushy outline where the tattoo used to be and hoping for the best. Thanks to new technology in the lasers like they have at Clean Slate Tattoo Removal,  they can now be almost fully erased.

“The idea is to essentially make the tattoo invisible,” says Dr. Del Campo, “I think that’s much more common now. 5-6 years ago our goal was to give a very light shadow so that you can almost not see it, but you would see some vague hint of it because the lasers were not as effective. But nowadays, you can use lasers and essentially have normal appearing skin in that area.”

So yes, with a lot of time, effort and money, it is possible to erase your ex’s name off of your finger forever; Thank the universe.

Tip 4: Is it expensive?

Clean Slate Tattoo Removal offer a free initial consultation, where they’ll provide you with an estimated quote for complete treatment. Prices at Clean Slate start as low as a measly $39.

In fact, they are currently running a 20% discount on all tattoo removals.

Professional tattoo removal is more affordable than you’d think but as tattoos differ in size and complexity, laser tattoo removal cost can vary depending on your circumstances.

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